Rapid Deliveries Whether you live in Northern or Southern Europe you can count on our effective and timely Rapid Delivery. Devine Spas are tested and packed in our warehouse ready to be dispatched.Fast & Professional, our transport company will deliver your Devine Spa fast and secure. We make sure your spa is in professioanl hands at all times.Sooner than you think you will be a proud owner of a Free Worry Spa

Plug & Play Spa is a portable spa that can be installed almost anywhere you like as long as there is an electrical plug nearby. Choose the right spot for your spa, fill it in with water, plug it and start enjoying the pleasure of having your own Free Worry spa ready for you and your family 24h a day 7 days a Week.
Forget about costly installations,new electrical lines and  breakers. Devine Spas do not require professional electrical installation.

Resolute Service you can trust, contact us through our customer support service number 6 days a week. Our Professional team is glad to help and assess with any issue you might encounter with your Devine Spas.In case there is a problem, Don't Worry ! you are fully covered.With Devine spas resolute service you will receive your parts in 24h.